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tim gildersleeve

Candidate for United States Senate, California 2018

Other Candidates

I strongly believe the constituents of California should be informed and know all their options. Therefore I list here the other candidates for the 2016 California Senate race, as of September 2015:

Mike Beitiks (Independent) - Attorney
Greg Conlon (R) - Ex-Public Utilities Commissioner, Accountant, USAF Veteran & Frequent Candidate
Tom Del Beccaro (R) - Ex-State GOP Chair & Conservative Blogger
Pamela Elizondo (Green) - Environmental Activist & Frequent Candidate
Eleanor Garcia (Socialist Workers) - Communist Political Organizer, Aerospace Worker & Frequent Candidate
President Cristina Grappo (D)
Clive Grey (Independent) - Businessman & Woodworker
Don Grundmann (Independent) - Chiropractor, Conservative Activist & Frequent Candidate
Jason Hanania (Independent) - Attorney & Engineer
Kamala Harris (D) - Attorney General & Ex-San Francisco District Attorney
Mark Herd (Libertarian) - Businessman, Community Activist, '14 US Rep. Candidate & '13 LA Council Candidate
Von Hougo (R) - Teacher & Ex-Insurance Claims Adjuster
Don Krampe (R) - Retired Veterans Affairs Official & Korean War Veteran
Jason Kraus (Independent) - Writer
Jerry Laws (R) - Retired Truck Driver, USMC Veteran, '14 State Assembly Candidate & '15 State Sen. Candidate
Gail Lightfoot (Libertarian) - Ex-State Party Chair, Retired Nurse & Frequent Candidate
Paul Merritt (Independent) - Ex-Laguna Niguel City Councilman, Trust Administrator & Real Estate Broker
Massie Munroe (D) - Civil Engineer & '12 US Rep. Candidate
Gary Myers (Independent) - International Development Promoter
Tom Palzer (R) - Retired Urban Planner & USAF Veteran
John Parker (PFP) - Communist Political Organizer, Ex-Teacher & '04 Presidential Candidate
Herb Peters (D) - Retired Aerospace Engineer & Frequent Candidate
Emory Rodgers (D) - Restaurant Owner & Property Manager
Karen Roseberry (R) - Educator
Loretta Sanchez (D) - Congresswoman & Ex-Financial Analyst
Ling Ling Shi (Independent) - Pastor
Steve Stokes (D) - Businessman
Duf Sundheim (R) - Ex-State GOP Chair, Attorney & Mediator
Ron Unz (R) - Businessman, Conservative Activist & '94 Gov. Candidate
Scott Vineberg (Independent) - Social Entrepreneur & Progressive Activist
Jarrell Williamson (R) - Attorney
Phil Wyman (R) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Assemblyman, Attorney, Rancher & '14 Atty. Gen. Candidate
George Yang (R) - Software Engineer, GOP Activist & '14 Lt.Gov. Candidate